“A fantastic book, a masterpiece, one of the best speedway books written in my opinion. A benchmark in speedway biographies.”

Andrew Hale, curator, Penhall Museum

"Had a great read of Brian Burford's book of Jellyman, A Hell of a Life, and I found it pretty bitchin, gave me a very cool sensation remembering some of the shit he'd get up to, but its more than I ever knew, haha! You guys would dig it."

Shawn Moran

“It has all the ingredients for a good TV drama - money, sex, adventure, triumph over the odds!" ~ Gareth Owen, Pinewood Studios


Kelly Moran: A Hell of a Life...

...is the story of one of the sport’s most naturally-talented racers and one of its most charismatic personalities. This deluxe paperback is an epic tale that features stories from on and off the track from many of his rivals, family and friends. Its 384-pages evokes the period so vividly you can almost smell the Castrol R and also includes over 70 photographs, many of which have never been published before.

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"This book is really well written and researched. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, and highly recommend it. A tremendous character who entertained people around the world with his incredible skills on a 500cc speedway bike. A tragic figure, but well loved by all who knew him. You will not be disappointed." 

Scott Autrey, World No. 3, 1978, and former USA team Captain


“I think it’s exceptionally well done, I doff my cap to Brian.  I think it’s very well researched and it’s not just a speedway book, it’s a human interest book, it’s not the conventional fan kind of book at all. It’s very well done."

Dave Lanning - sports TV commentator & journalist

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